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Quick outline on my DrupalCamp Colorado presentation on views and views slideshow

Disclaimer: The intent of this presentation was to give people a quick, brief, and focused introduction to views. I chose to do certain things in certain ways to stick to that intent. Thus, don't consider that this is the only, or even optimal way, of creating a slide show. However, I used almost these exact steps to create the slide show at the top of the front page on The only additional things I did were to code some CSS and put some "anchor" tags in the image nodes and text nodes. You will also notice that I built the first four text nodes to be cumulative unordered lists. There was nothing fancy about this; with each node I entered the previous list items in addition to the new list item.

So, here are the basic steps I performed in the presentation in a quick-and-dirty outline. I wanted to finally post something for you instead of waiting to have enough time to do a more thorough post. I plan to do more detailed posts on this, maybe even including a screencast; I will see if in the next few days I can at least fill in the specific details for how to complete each step. I may also continue to refine the demonstration over time to include more contributed modules that will make this a nicer feature.

  1. Create an image content type.
  2. Create a text content type.
  3. Create six image content nodes, using uniformly sized images.
  4. Create six text content nodes.
  5. Create a new view.
  6. Add a page display type that selected the six images and formatted the output as a grid.
  7. Give the page a path and attach it to the primary links menu.
  8. Add a page display type that selected the six text nodes and displayed them unformatted and using a pager.
  9. Give the page a path and attach it to the primary links menu.
  10. Add a block display type that selected the six images and formatted them as a slide show.
  11. Place the block in the content region on only the front page.
  12. Add an attachment display type that selected the six text content nodes, attached them to the block, and displayed them after the block, formatting them as a slide show.

Note that I did NOT need to create the first two page display types. I created these for the purpose of showing you more about things you can do with views. The only two things I needed for the slide show were the block and attachment display types.

quality writing skill

I'm extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one nowadays..

Blog Theme

You can see the links at the bottom of the blog for the people who did the work to make the theme available. The original creator is Andreas Viklund and he called the theme "Andreas 03." The theme is available at

I created a sub-theme using the original theme as a base theme and added a small amount of CSS and placed a background image at the top of each page.

I'm glad you like the site and the writing. Thanks for the compliment. This goes back to the very beginning of my Drupal learning curve and it's a bit funny (and embarassing at times) for me to look at some of the stuff now.

Credits: XWeb | Chris Herberte | Andreas Viklund