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Why doesn't (my custom) menu such-and-such appear in the menu settings dropdown

Well, I guess that (choose as many as apply): a) I'm really feeling like a fount of information today; b) I'm really inspired to share; c) I'm really trying to avoid doing any work. So, here's another quick pointer that may help somebody avoid a bit of frustration.

When you create a new piece of content you have the option to specify a menu to which it should be attached. Er, well, that's the way it seemed to work in Drupal 6 at least. But, now you are noticing that when you are adding your piece of content your desired menu item does not appear in the Parent item drop down under the Menu settings tab set. You may even be noticing that there is no Menu settings tab set. Here's where your problem lies.

When you create/edit a content type (navigate to admin/structure/types/manage) you will notice that there is a Menu settings tab set. You must specify which menus are available for that particular content type. If your desired menu is not checked, then it will not appear in the Menu settings tab set drop down when creating a piece of content of that type. If no menus are checked, then the Menu settings tab won't appear at all when creating a piece of content of that type.

While I think that it's pretty cool to have this level of control, I also foresee a potential issue with this implementation. Isn't it going to be a hassle to have to go into every content type after you create new custom menus to enable them as drop down options? Is there something I'm missing? Please leave your comments and thoughts on this.

brilliant, very helpful!

Many thanks from another newbie!

Credits: XWeb | Chris Herberte | Andreas Viklund