Drupal Chat: What About Drupal 8?

Submitted by Marc on Sat, 01/30/2016 - 11:17am

Drupal 8 was released just over two months ago. Is it time yet for you to start using it on your production sites?

You'll need to consider the state of the modules you typically use to build your sites, the state of the themes you typically use to build your sites, the nature of the site, the budget for the site and your own skill set.

There are, without a doubt, sites that are being launched on Drupal 8 already. And, at the same time there is this:


So, there is obviously still work to be done.

Whether you hold John Locke's view or a different view, I'd love for you to join me live as I share my thoughts on that matter. It's totally free to join. You can sign in with your twitter account or watch anonymously without signing in at all. I'll have seats open so that you can ask your questions and share your thoughts.

I hope to see you there!