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How taxing is Taxonomy?

It took me a long time when I first started using Drupal to conquer my fear of the Taxonomy module. With its technical sounding name, I figured you had to be a really smart advanced user to take advantage of something like that. The module description says "Enables the categorization of content." How am I supposed to know how to categorize my content? What if I do it wrong?

Why doesn't (my custom) menu such-and-such appear in the menu settings dropdown

Well, I guess that (choose as many as apply): a) I'm really feeling like a fount of information today; b) I'm really inspired to share; c) I'm really trying to avoid doing any work. So, here's another quick pointer that may help somebody avoid a bit of frustration.

New bunk mates for Drupal 7

In the last blog I pointed out differences in the path names for administering your Drupal 7 site. There are some changes that were not easy to categorize since they involve grouping some of the administration functions differently. I will cover those changes in this post.

New paths for administering Drupal 7

Drupal 7 has moved things around a bit in the administrative interface. For those of you who are used to navigating directly through the URL, here are some of the changes:

Drupal 7 has been officially released! Good bye front page welcome text.

Drupal 7 was officially released on January 7, 2011. One of the focuses of the new version was to make it easier to use. According to one of the points on the Drupal 7.0 Home page addressing the "easier to use" goal

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