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On being the change I want to see in the community

Yes, this is another one of "those posts."

No, this is not another one of "those posts."

Drupal Chat: Is the Drupal project a meritocracy?

On more than one occasion I've heard a person (such as Angie Byron) say that Drupal is a meritocracy. I've also heard Drupal described as a "do-it-ocracy." What do these things mean? Are they true?

Join me live this Monday at 1PM (GMT -0600) to share your questions and thoughts. As always, it's totally free to attend. You can participate by signing in with your twitter account or you can watch anonymously without signing in at all.

Drupal Chat: The Examples Module

Have you used the Examples module? What is your favorite example?

Let's talk next Monday at 1PM (GMT -0700)

It's free to attend. You may participate by signing in with your twitter account or you may watch anonymously without signing in at all.

Drupal Chat: What about Drupal 6?

Yesterday was officially End Of Life for Drupal 6. There was one last update released. So, what now? Does everybody need to get off Drupal 6 immediately?

Drupal Chat: Choosing Contributed Modules

One of the great things about Drupal is its extensive contributed module base. It's almost always the case that "there's a module for that." The trick is deciding which module to use. Even though Drupal emphasizes collaboration, one will still frequently find that there is more than one way to solve a particular problem by using contrib.

Drupal Chat: The Drupal Learning Curve

There is a joke about the Drupal learning curve that relates it to the Drupal learning cliff. And while the graph generally gets things confused (by placing time on the x-axis instead of the y-axis), the sentiment is understood. Until a person is able to get her/his head around how Drupal does things, it's quite possible to spend a great deal of time to accomplish very little. Even worse, it's possible to spend a great deal of time developing really bad habits.

Drupal Chat: What About Drupal 8?

Drupal 8 was released just over two months ago. Is it time yet for you to start using it on your production sites?

You'll need to consider the state of the modules you typically use to build your sites, the state of the themes you typically use to build your sites, the nature of the site, the budget for the site and your own skill set.

There are, without a doubt, sites that are being launched on Drupal 8 already. And, at the same time there is this:

So, there is obviously still work to be done.

Call for Guests, Panelists and Questions

I'd like to start a weekly 30 minute DrupalChat on For more information, please get in touch with me. I promise not to add you to any list.

Understanding the Drupal Way - Specificity

In the post on making output themeable I discussed the example of overriding a template file for a flag. The template file I overrode was a generic definition of the markup for all the flags on a site. I can create a template file that overrides a specific flag.

Understanding the Drupal Way - Alters

In Drupal an alter is intended to provide a way to modify an object during a point in the execution of a certain event or process. Alters are defined within individual modules. Those modules then give the opportunity for other modules to "alter" an object by calling drupal_alter at the appropriate time.

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